For the grown-ups: Everyday happiness training and imagery

I'm so excited about this week's post for 3 reasons:

1) it's a collaboration with my friend, Amanda Weber.

2) it's actually a podcast

3) it's about those of us raising kids (for a change). 

I had the honour of being Amanda's first guest on her inspiring and informative podcast about "The Full Life".  As Amanda writes, the reality is that life is BUSY - filled great things we “should” read, habits we “want” to start, things we “need to” get to. Why not call FULL the new BUSY?

Each week on her podcast, Amanda brings inspiring true stories coupled with “easy-to-squeeze-in” practices that will spark joy and happiness in your beautiful full life.

This week's episode is no different, except I got to be a part of it! In the episode Amanda and I chat about some recent research about using the power of imagery to optimize your sense of happiness. Amanda also shares some great tips that I've already started to apply in my life. 

As you'll hear in the podcast, our conversation was a result of this article appearing in my inbox. 

Here are different ways you can access the podcast:


Soundcloud: CLICK HERE

As Amanda would say: Deep breath. You’ve got this!