Just in time for the start of school @kidstodayca is hosting a new #instabooks series!

📚 #backtoschoolbooks 🎒

As I’ve blogged about before, reading is essential to the developing mind. There are also some key skills, traits and characteristics that help make school (and life) an engaging learning experience. 

My hope is that through daily sharing we will get great ideas from each other that will lead to wonderful learning experiences with our little ones as they start a new school year. 

Each day, we’ll follow a set of prompts centered around kids books, sharing with each other along the way. This could be through your own posts or simply by adding comments to the @kidstoday daily post.

1. Share this post on your own instagram feed to spread the word.
2. Join in the fun by posting a photo or comment using the hashtag #backtoschoolbooks
3. Search the hashtag and engage with others by liking, commenting, and asking questions.
4. Don’t feel like to need to post every day - join in when you can!